If it’s of God…..

Well it’s 11 pm tonight and what a day I’ve had. It started with the enemy and a battle that was short. It started as it has sooooo many times before see I’ve been here before it’s all very familiar. The unknown future around the corner that could come with huge loss…SO the fight started with some whispers of fear doubt worry anxious thoughts. They were clouding my vision and ability to hear clearly. I was feeling crippled and was trying to grasp for my Faith.

It didn’t feel present today it felt far away. SO I yelled out JESUS, give me something anything & I heard put on the armor Ephesians 6…It was a battle that was overcome by TRUTH… TRUTH IS I don’t know the future and I might not even get there who knows. I have today so live in today walk in today and serve God today.

It’s so crazy how Phillipians .4:6-8 can be planted down in my heart and resurface all the time. Jesus provides Peace beyond understanding.. it’s like a wave washes over me and a calm sets in reminding me I’m here for a purpose….

A purpose that God has planned…and no matter what He will complete what He has started. I love how a few weeks ago this Graber hold of my attention. In the book of acts lays these powerful words…

ACTS 5:35-38

He said men of Israel take heed to yourselves what you intend to do regarding these men. For some rose up claiming to be somebody.  A number of men about 4 hundred joined him. He was slain and all who obeyed him were scattered and came to nothing. After this a man Judah of Galilee rose up in the days of the census and drew away many people after him. He also perished and all who obeyed him were displaced. Now I say to you keep away from these men let them alone; for if this plan or work is of men it will come to nothing but if IT IS OF GOD, YOU CANNOT OVER THROW IT-LEST YOU EVEN BE FOUND TO FIGHT AGAINST GOD…



GOD encouraged me filled me up with these words. I’ve read past them before never hearing or seeing them. But now,now when It seems to be coming to pass… All the detours and blockades won’t stop God’s mighty plan!



I wrestled the last few weeks with a lot of things, peoples thoughts, what am I supposed to do next, what God intended marriage to be like…. God sat me down day after day with tidbits into ea topic which leads me to write this today. I truly find so much Joy when I get to share what He is teaching and growing in me. Weather its through His word, other good counsel or brothers and sisters in Christ.

Faith is the word I’ve been called to step back and look at.

This morning I listened to a great sermon ill attach the link. He spoke about a proper understanding of GOD… We do not have a God who is around to serve us.  Faith the word itself is believing without seeing. So why is it I try to see ahead into the future. The world tells me I have to have a plan, a savings acct., my kids all have to go college to be somebody, etc…

Its funny all that I’ve been through in the past few years has taught me the complete opposite. God has taught me that His word is all I need. It has proven to be Faithful. I don’t have a plan because God does, when I go about trying to put my plan for His work into action I become overwhelmed, doubtful and have no joy…I look around and say oh I better be doing that so this could work. Or  I think because others around seem to have financial stability and I don’t that God is angry w me or I’m failing somewhere. I see some with huge college degrees and tons of debt from college and they cannot find a job. Some go on to have amazing careers nonetheless I am saying follow your heart and God. If He has a call on your heart go after that you’ll never regret it. All this I have encountered in numerous conversations over the past years of my life. It was amazing to me how God had instilled this concept of Faith so much into my heart. That when I shared the pure joy and relief of not having a plan with others it felt amazing.

All have bubbled to the surface again recently and then God is His amazing Patience and Loving Kindness reminded me. John 3:8 The wind blows where it wishes and you hear the sound of it, but cannot tell where it comes from or where it is goes. So is everyone who is born of the spirit. I have learned that God will move through us if we let His spirit lead. We just need Faith to believe. Also Luke 12:24 Consider the Ravens for they neither sow or reap, which have neither storehouse or barn; and God feeds them. Of how much more value are you than the birds. And which of you by worrying can add a hour to your life.

You see God has removed so many things from life and replaced it not with tangible things, but Faith. I have seen Him be faithful to provide even when my acct. says there is $1. I have learned that kids are only kids once then adults forever. I have chosen to let my girls enjoy being children and have told them time and time again. That God has a great plan for them and that plan will probably look different than the worlds standards. However true happiness comes when your at peace with God and answering His call for your life. I refuse to put pressure on them because after all once your a adult with adult responsibilities you often  hear wow I wish I could go back to being a kid again. Yes I know it seems crazy I mean for goodness sakes they cant go around sitting in bed all day but they can enjoy Life and hopefully I have given them a glimpse. A glimpse that God is the one we can walk with in life and trust no matter what may come. He can bring life a peace and joy alone. Psalm 46:10 Be still and know that I AM GOD… My Favorite verse &  I once heard this verse interpreted Do not strive with God.

I’ve decided no more striving with God and trying to follow a cookie cut of what I am supposed to be doing. Holy Spirit have your way. After all I am here to serve you.

Its kind of like the old testament its quite repetitive something like.. Then God rescued His people and then they forgot their God…. I do not want to ever forget who God is and the God I serve. All He has done and all the ways I’ve seen Him move.

In the book of Ezekiel there’s a part where Ezekiel has a vision. In this vision God tells Him to eat a scroll and He does and then He is asked how does it taste He replies sweet as Honey.  Oh my those words made my day and week so far. Its so true Gods word to me is sweet as Honey.. I can live in it all day everyday and talk about it too… Because its just like that to me Sweet as Honey. Not scary, not hard, not condemning, not full of wrath and judgment…  Its filled with Faith…

Men and women with so much faith the can beat armies with no weapons, faith that can provide for thousands from a single meal, faith that even if your walk calls for tribulation and persecution you can endure with His strength and they do, Faith that can heal disease and if He doesn’t heal the disease He will walk with you through it, faith to not bow to other gods and even if that means getting thrown fire and even He doesn’t rescue them from it they will not serve another GOD.  All to go out and share with the world look what He has done with me, for me and most of All look He loves you too and can give you the same Faith…. Jesus endured mocking, faithful friends walking away, loneliness, unbelief from even family, and the cross…  Victory was a sweet taste ahead right around the corner… The same is true for us our reward is awaiting lets go Walk by Faith not by Sight….

Check out bridgewaychristian.org click on media then sermon 85 soooo good. Be Blessed

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I am going to piggy back off my last blog and share How we can be Victorious and that victory is found In Jesus..

When I first started attending church with my husband the strangest things were happening. I at the time had no idea they were full on spiritual attacks.  The enemy definitely loves to attack the mind fyi… I would be in church and  every time I’d close my eyes to pray the “F” word would pop in my mind. It was such a weird feeling and distraction and  I kept it to myself for years. Then at that time I found myself consuming much more alcohol than any other time in my life. Never the less those things did not keep me from attending church and praying. Which is due to the fact that nothing the enemy brings against Gods children will win….That was around 2005 and as I kept seeking God that word lost the battle in my mind and it sorta slipped out of notice. However the drinking remained (don’t get me wrong I am not saying you cannot consume alcohol this was a personal thing between me and God)!!! So  Around early 2010 the most amazing time in my life lead me to where I am today. It was that year that I was at a event in las vegas with my daughters cheer team. One of the moms was a pastors wife and one night we had dinner with a few other moms. We all ordered a alcoholic beverage except her. I was intrigued to know why so of course I asked her later.

She replied with, a testimony of her life with alcohol and how God freed her. She also said at this point if the Holy Spirit wanted to use her she must be of sober mind at all times. The very next night I was out and highly intoxicated when a situation presented itself and I slightly responded. Because truth be told God can cut through and use anyone I believe at any time. It was a dull response and I felt the next morning God had shown me a new perspective on sober mindedness.

It was around this time that I was home one night with a glass of wine and gossip magazines. Yep I was ready to relax! Before I got to those I opened a email from a friend first. It was a guy painting with his fingertips to a worship song and at the end he flipped the painting around it was the face of Jesus. It was so awesome and then as if Jesus himself sat right next to me I heard these words in my mind and heart. Are you going to spend this time reading those magazines while you speak of me daily and don’t read my words. I never felt anything more real without seeing a thing. So I picked up my bible and said where do I start. I flipped to the back with references and saw one titled Child of God. I said well that’s me lets start there. It was the book of 1 Peter and every feeling and event from that weekend in Vegas was in there. It was clear as day to me and I have not put it down since.

However I started to notice the more you run after God the more the enemy tries to detour us. If you become aware you’ll laugh and win…Here’s some of his obvious ones, don’t read the bible you wont understand it, when you do open you become sleep driven, don’t go to church Sundays your only day off, football is on even though everyone has dvr these days, oh wait there’s a event at the same time as service it goes on and on…. It’s pretty clear to me that there must be a reason for all the distraction. Why can we all find time for everything else but that one hour seems like such a sacrifice of our time or such a inconvenience hmmm????

Then there’s the lie of everyone in church is a hypocrite, judgmental, etc…( because after all that’s the whole point we are all broken and go because we know we need Jesus)! Do you hear all the lies are they ringing a bell they did with me once I got to know some of them. Yet  he has more and more but here’s the greatest news nothing He has can win if you learn how to have Victory the attempts will be just that a failed attempt and temporary.

Gods word says resist the devil and he must flee….. Be Victorious seek Jesus and His amazing Love,

The way to resist is even when I can’t feel God, or He’s not speaking loudly like some days. When I feel like the path is at a stand still and I hear well you are probably going to fail. I think and look at all God has shown me in His word all His promises. He promises To never leave or forsake me(Hebrews 13:5) Do not be anxious for anything (Philippians 4:6-8) Be still and Know I Am God (Psalm 46:10), count it all Joy when trials come for they test your faith (James 1:1-5) That we will overcome with the blood of the Lamb and the words of our Testimony (Rev 12:11)

I Pray that anyone who reads this will know You Can Have Victory it takes Faith and seeking God. He says He rewards those who seek Him wholeheartedly.(Hebrews 11:6)

Once you resist Him and start to hear from God…. You’ll never look back and you’ll win every time!!!

Thank You JESUS you are my ROCK AND SOLID GROUND……


Nothing like a divine day with God all mighty..This post has been on my heart for a while now and todays the day.Maybe some of you don’t know it or think its fantasy but there’s a actual Battle going on for our very souls.

Scripture tells us we do not wrestle against flesh and blood but rulers and principalities of darkness. You know that white elephant word in the room people don’t like to say the devil!!! Yeah that guy well actually in case you also don’t know he was a beautiful angel in heaven at one point in time. I love to share all God has done in my life and never want to stop talking about the greatest gift I’ve ever received Jesus. I am however  going to chat about this guy today to bring LIGHT on his evil ways..

You see the devil was cast out from heaven for wanting to be God too. I know once again your going to think this is a mystical story but I assure these battles and this truth is truer than what you see with your very eyes. Once he was cast down to the earth he used his free will to deceive Eve and she used her free will to disobey Gods  one request. Are you kidding me see what free will does ugh… But thank you God for giving us the free will after all we could’ve all been made like robots to love and follow His way. He graciously lets us make that choice for ourselves. So once sin took over the earth well you now have it, it looks as if he won and earth was wrecked forever and every soul. Oh wait it gets better  John 3:16 tells us God So Loved The World He Gave…. that’s right He gave us a gift of forgiveness and eternity in Jesus.. Ok now back to the enemy just for the purpose of pounding him in the ground today.

He already knows his final destination and he knows he already lost the war when that time comes. However while he is still roaming about his goal as scripture says in John 10:10 the thief comes to steal kill and destroy…….

Yep he wants to steal your joy and light, kill you and your soul, destroy your marriages and friendships etc… goes on and on.

So what do we do??? How do we fight back???  With the greatest  weapon as mentioned in Ephesians 6:10-20 Sword of the Spirit….. the armor to wear is listed in this check it out… We can and have all the tools in one book to Win ourselves.

Today I had a divine phone call that was so wonderful and in that call I was reassuring my sister in Christ of gods faithfulness and provision. However we were both honest that at times our walk with Him is hard and the things we are facing even harder. I mentioned scripture that popped into my mind. 1 Peter 1:6 mentions don’t be surprised when the Fiery Trials come to test your faith… Well after that call I picked up some bible study homework to do only to find todays lesson on the same exact topic even mentioning the very scripture I had just said. Don’t you just love How the God of all creation speaks its so amazing and clear no denying it…..

Then I felt I have to share this with all I love. You see the enemy is as real as the air we breathe you cant see it oh but its there!!!! So just as my study for today ended I wanted to share this with all of you.. What if we began to be  prepared for his attacks so prepared we could see its him and see the hit coming. You see Jesus tells us clear as day what’s to come in our walks with Him and even better to Discern the times we live in. In case no one noticed News Flash the devil is running rampant….  Don’t be fooled he’s very crafty after all he doesn’t come like a enemy he comes wrapped in pretty packaging. Like we all get sucked away from the world with all our smart phones and internet. Though they are helpful at times and fun oh boy do they steal time, energy, create silence in relationships, suck people into solitude…..you get what I’m saying.

So here’s the answer Jesus said when He left its better for us if He leaves because then we would receive the Holy Spirit. Which gives us power. I’m not going to be living and not acting… I was given one tiny blimp of life in all eternity I am going to dig my feet on solid ground and stand… The enemy will be put on display and all his lies if I have any part to play in that.

My brothers and sisters in Christ or anyone reading stand firm get in the word and see what God has for you. Don’t be deceived that this is fantasy and all you are is made of dust going to dust. What in the world how could a human have such intelligence and feeling if we are just dust and going nowhere.

I leave you with this 1 Corinthians. 15:58 Therefor my beloved brethren be steadfast, immovable always abounding in the work of the Lord knowing that your labor is not in vain!!!


In the past year I’ve been looking at how GOD approaches us as God the Father. So I recently dropped my oldest daughter off for her first year of college.  I was so excited for her to be attending a school not only beautiful but focuses on Jesus in every aspect. At the same time I was so sad to think I wont see her everyday what a weird thing. With all the different emotions going on I wasn’t sure what to expect and how to handle them all.  So the day came upon us and we packed her all up and drove her down to her new home. We arrived at the beautiful campus and the new journey began. I was so full of excitement, she would be meeting new friends, we also  decorated her new room which was so fun. I knew she would start growing and mostly I was so  hopeful for  her to grow in her relationship with God.  Well Sunday came when I had to say goodbye and drive away. I tried my hardest the whole time not to cry and thank God for all He was doing. As the three of us joined hands to pray I couldn’t help myself the tears just fell like crazy.

Trying hard to finish my prayer I told her they were tears of joy and truly they were.  As I began to drive home every few songs that would play I would start to cry. I also started to chat with Jesus about all my emotions and feelings. One of the feelings I had was a bit of fear, the fear of not knowing. I think we all face that fear with a lot in our lives the great unknown and whys.  What if she met the wrong people and something bad happened, what if she went somewhere and ended up in a bad place or situation.  The fear that can grip a parents heart of the wrong place & people, after all we live in a world where everyone unfortunately has free will..

Then God started to speak to my heart as He so graciously  does when I cry out to Him.  Not only with peace and reassurance that she is in His hands and of course His hands are safer than mine. He also reassured me with Joy of her getting to know Him in a new way.

I also had a amazing glimpse of Him as our Father!!!! This was a great  part of the trip!  In my heart I looked and said WOW God the Father.  A perfect example He gives us through our own parenting of Himself. I thought this is it this is how you must feel God. You must look down in fear and trembling when your children wander the wrong way. You must look down and want to rescue them and save them. You must look down and say no that’s the wrong way be careful my little one. Just as I want to keep my children close and safe He wants to do the same. He also wants us to walk out in faith trusting He is with us and for us.

I was in AWE and tears just fell… He reveals His heart in so many ways and this was one of them. After all He said He created man in His image. Therefore the feelings we have as parents I believe area direct reflection of HIS….

Thank you FATHER!!!


Heads up everyone I’m not a writer I’m a talker. So there will be bad punctuation, run on sentences and incomplete ones I’m sure. So it will probably read as if I’m talking Haha… Have fun be Blessed this will be a fun ride…..


I often find myself wondering where value comes from. Like a million dollar painting, really???? Why in the world is it a million dollars. I just cant wrap my mind around it or a car seriously the minute it drives off the lot its worth less. So what and who puts this value on such things? The world sure does have a view doesn’t it! It puts value on things that have very little going for them in my opinion.  If a huge catastrophe took place these things can be gone in the blink of an eye. Also I think  whose life did they impact how did they make a difference in ones life. I have no idea these are thoughts I ponder especially after yesterday. I heard that a boy slipped and fell in a museum and as he fell his hand went through a million dollar painting. There goes that I thought and then I thought the above..

While I thought about why  so much value is put on things I thought , what about the most important valuable thing in the world a human being. They are worth more than anything in my opinion. I’m not the only one who thinks that have you ever heard of the apostle Paul. He’s pretty cool to learn about maybe I’ll share that another day. He wrote a letter actually a lot of them but one was to the church in Corinth at the time. He says in 1 Corinthians 6:20 For you were bought at a price….The price he is speaking of is astronomical…..

Yes we were all bought at a price a price with no number attached. After all we cannot put a number or value on ones life. A human being has a soul and no matter what that soul is Priceless.  I don’t care if they have a million dollars or one dollar …Their value is so high that one thought they were worth dying for. In fact He thought we were all worth dying for. He has a lot to say about our worth and value.  Matter of fact if your wondering  what your value is there is a place you’ll find it but…..

It wont be from people all though we are blessed with many who love us dearly. They too will fail at that at times! It wont be found in a painting on your wall even if its worth millions. It wont be from the house, car, college degree, eventually all this gets old and losses value. I know where this value can be found and no one on earth once you accept and receive it can take it away. You will see yourself in a new light of worth and in a new view. I know I do, no matter what comes my way I know where my value is and what I am worth….

I am a beloved child of God, I was bought at a price the price of one giving their life for me (JESUS), I am worth more than rubies and gold……it goes on and on…..

Funny though I have nothing really in the eyes of many, I have no savings account, no stock, no home in my name, no fancy job or title…However  I have the one who created the world saying all these listed right above about me. It is in His love letter written to the world. I have received His amazing Grace and gift and I am overjoyed daily because His presence is so near. No one can buy that its FREE!!!! Even if you could purchase it there would never be enough money in the world because A life to me has the highest value…..

Value….. a funny word to me because who really determines the true worth….

Hello world!

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